your Screenplay Jump Start PDF + questionnaire

Ready to break through and get moving?

In this PDF you’ll find nine simple but powerful questions about your project. Your answers will give us a foundation to reference as we’re talking about your story. Allowing us to make sure the movie in your head is conveyed on the page.

You can send this prep work to me anytime up to 24 hours before our meeting – so you can keep working and tweaking right up until the last minute, if you want. (A lot of writers love the deadline for accountability, too.)

Email your answers to the nine questions plus up to four pages of outline, synopsis, beat sheet or brainstorming document – whatever you have, wherever you currently are — to

I look forward to speaking with you about your project!

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Michael Escobedo testimonialI had been stuck on a story idea for a while. I answered Naomi’s nine questions, sent her half a beat sheet, and in our session she was able to guide me into breaking open new avenues for my story. It was a real eye opener. Naomi was able to help guide me to see the bigger picture of structure and character arc, which led to being able to generate new story ideas and plot points instead of rehashing old ideas. Naomi’s nine questions really helped lay the foundation for building up my story. After meeting for an hour, we were able to focus and enhance what I had, creating a new 2nd and 3rd Act. And more importantly, finding new meaning in the story. Naomi was direct and honest and had very precise opinions and story direction, which I really appreciated.”
– Michael Escobedo
screenwriter, director (The Daughters of Virtue, Forbidden Attraction)