How Can I Help You With Your Screenplay?

Whether you’re looking for the confidence to start writing your first screenplay, or you’re putting final polishes on your fifth draft, I can help — with straightforward feedback and practical advice at key steps of the screenplay development process.

consult hoursOutline, Beat Sheet, or Treatment Consults – whether you’re still plotting out the story, you’ve already written a draft, or you’re anywhere in between, this session will prepare and motivate you to keep going

screenplay feedback and consultationScreenplay Consults – get expert, industry-insider feedback on making your completed screenplay rock solid (before you send it off to contests, managers, producers, or anyone else)

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Break through and get moving in just one hour? Yes! If you…

+ Started brainstorming, outlining, or writing pages, and then hit a wall, got confused, or lost sight of your story
+ Have what you think is a complete outline, but feel nervous about jumping in
+ Have written a first draft, but know there are some foundational issues to address before starting the rewrite.

An Outline or Beat Sheet Consult will get you on the right track with an industry reader’s insight — to give you the direction and motivation to write your strongest first (or next) draft.

Here’s how it works:

number 1You’ll book your session and choose a day and time to speak with me about your project.

number 2Before our scheduled meeting time, send up to ten pages of outline, synopsis, beat sheet or brainstorming document. We’ll start with whatever you have, wherever you currently are, and you’ll be surprised how much progress we can make!

number 3At our scheduled time we’ll meet by Zoom (or your preferred method). We’ll talk about where you currently are in your project, shore up the structure and plot, brainstorm any gaps, and make progress on the spot. With an eye on your original creative intentions, we’ll identify the path forward so you know exactly what to do to next.

*After our session, I’ll provide you with a recording to keep for future reference.


  • Cost is $150.
  • Our session will take 60-75 minutes.

Writers are always amazed how much progress can be made in that short time, but it’s true.

We focus our collective brainpower and creative energy on your project, and you leave our session with:

+ Clarity on your project’s direction
+ Specific answers and solutions to your questions and roadblocks
+ Concrete ways to fill any gaps in your story structure
+ A solid grasp on how the plot and characters are creating the theme of the story
+ Confidence that your concept is clear and compelling, and an understanding of how it compares to other projects in the marketplace

This is how writers feel after their outline consultation:

Escobedo testimonialI had been stuck on a story idea for a while. I sent Naomi half a beat sheet and in our session she was able to guide me into breaking open new avenues for my story. It was a real eye opener. Naomi was able to help guide me to see the bigger picture of structure and character arc, which led to being able to generate new story ideas and plot points instead of rehashing old ideas. Naomi’s questions really helped lay the foundation for building up my story. After meeting for an hour, we were able to focus and enhance what I had, creating a new 2nd and 3rd Act. And more importantly, finding new meaning in the story. Naomi was direct and honest and had very precise opinions and story direction, which I really appreciated.”
– Michael Escobedo
screenwriter, director (The Daughters of Virtue2019 PAGE Semi-Finalist)

Schedule an Outline or Beat Sheet Consult Now

Is your screenplay reader-ready?

Whether you plan to submit to contests and fellowships, agents and managers, producers, investors, or talent – you definitely want to wow them. And with a screenplay consult, I can help you do just that.

Each screenplay consult service goes far beyond traditional screenplay coverage. I’ll give you a clear idea of how industry readers are likely to react to the strengths and weaknesses of your current draft, and help you find the solutions to make it your strongest screenplay yet.

Screenplay consults are a deep-dive into your screenplay, identifying what’s working and what still needs work. I’ll cover concept, structure, plot, characters, theme, dialogue, and more as needed. The end goal is to bring the movie in your head out onto the page. To stay faithful to your creative intentions, but to give your screenplay its best chance with any reader.

Here’s how it works:

number 1You’ll book your session, choose a day and time to speak with me about your project, and send me a PDF of your current draft.

number 2Then I’ll complete an in-depth analysis of your screenplay with a focus on key areas, including:

+ Where does the concept land on the “fresh but familiar” spectrum? Which audiences is it likely to appeal to? Is it marketable?
+ Is there a strong throughline? Does the conflict escalate?
+ Does the story track? Are there any points of confusion or logic breakdowns?
+ Is the plot well paced? Does the screenplay have momentum? Where can pacing be improved?
+ Does the structure help create an emotional experience for the audience?
+ Are the characters fleshed out and compelling? Do character relationships add to the cohesiveness of the story?
+ Does dialogue pop?
+ Is the writing clear? Are pages well crafted?

number 3At our scheduled time we’ll meet via Zoom video conference (or your preferred method) to discuss the script in detail, both what’s working and what needs further development. We can also brainstorm solutions and answer any other questions you may have about your project, process, or the industry.

*After our session, I’ll provide you with a recording to keep for future reference.

My feedback is always tailored to the specific needs of the project and the writer. You’ll gain a fresh perspective on your screenplay and a clear plan to tackle the next draft.


  • Screenplay Consult via video conference or phone: $225
  • Our session will take 60 – 75 minutes.

Having your creative work critiqued can be tough, but my feedback will never leave you feeling stranded. I’m an idea machine and I’ll help you find ways to fix the issues I diagnose – all while staying true to the story you want to tell.

Here’s what my clients have said about my screenplay feedback:

screenwriter“This is EXACTLY what I was hoping for. You’ve hit it on the head and I can’t wait to dig in together. A million thank you’s! You’re my new favorite reader!”
Anja Wykes

The Dragon and the Fairy made it to the Top 10 for the Enderby award at Austin Film Festival. The Memory Thief is currently a Finalist (top 5) for the Horror/Thriller Category. It’s all very exciting and makes me super grateful for you and your help.” – Mark D. Matthews

“I can honestly say she has made me a better screenwriter.”
– Paul Vincent Fusco

“I love your notes. You really are the best at this!!!!!!”
– Mike Pietrzak


Ready to get professional feedback on your screenplay?

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I look forward to working with you!

Wherever you are in your project, wherever you are in your learning curve — I can help you take the next step.

And — maybe even more important — I’ll help you identify what that next step is.

I’ve read thousands of scripts and worked with hundreds of writers in my 10+ years in the entertainment industry, and I can’t wait to become your on-call development partner, too. Select a service and let’s make the next screenplay your best one yet.