Screenplay analysis session: DARK

Mentioned in this video: The Idea to Outline 5-week workshop begins January 22nd! Join us and turn your idea for a movie into a rock-solid and detailed blueprint for writing your screenplay.


Okay, so. The idea behind this screenplay analysis session is to look at one screenplay as a “case study”. To see the screenplay through an industry reader’s eyes.

We discuss how theory plays out in the real world. And we examine how the writer executed all those elements an industry reader looks for in a screenplay: establishing character, goal, stakes, conflict, structure, narrative drive, clarity, etc. We also look at why they’re not just items to be checked off a list, but how all of these things really work together to create a story that works… and which makes us want to keep reading (or not – you be the judge!)

The script discussed in this session is DARK, written by Nelson Greaves. Here’s a quick summary: “When the crew of an oilrig begins to drill on one of the deepest stretches of the ocean floor, they awake a dark and dangerous creature that has been hidden away for hundreds of years.”

Does it pique your interest? If it does, that’s one hurdle crossed. Let’s talk about why and how this screenplay appeals to readers and to the industry!

Download the Dark script, read and do your own analysis of what works / what doesn’t, then watch the session to compare notes and test your analytical skills!