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This hands-on workshop gives you the step-by-step approach, professional guidance, and community support to prepare you to write your best screenplay yet.

You have a movie-worthy story. You just need an organized method for getting it on the page.

In Idea to Outline you’ll learn a process that’s flexible enough that you can use it for every screenplay you’ll write, yet designed to specifically address the issues readers commonly find in aspiring screenwriters’ screenplays.

…And we’ll do all of this before you write the first page.

You’ll have professional feedback and community support every step of the way as you take your idea through each stage of development.

When we’re done you’ll have more than an outline — you’ll have a rock-solid foundation for your screenplay.

screenplay outline workshop

In as little as 5 weeks you’ll craft an outline that does all the heavy lifting. You’ll be confident — and excited — to get to the computer and start writing. And you’ll be prepared to quickly complete the strongest first draft you’ve ever written.

Plus, weekly live Office Hours and the support of a community of writers
all pursuing the same goal and cheering you on.


Wait… What’s this about a completion bonus?

After working one-on-one with screenwriters for the past 10 years, I know the value of personalized, private sessions to review and talk through your project. So in addition to the weekly Office Hours…

If you finish your outline by our group deadline, you will unlock
a one-on-one private consultation that I normally charge $125 for.

We’ll review your completed outline, brainstorm and address any questions on the spot, and make sure you’re in the best position to begin writing your screenplay.


Escobedo testimonial“Naomi was able to help guide me to see the bigger picture of structure and character arc, which led to being able to generate new story ideas and plot points instead of rehashing old ideas. After meeting for an hour, we were able to focus and enhance what I had, creating a new 2nd and 3rd Act. And more importantly, finding new meaning in the story.”
— Michael Escobedo
consultation client


What happens each week in Idea to Outline?

Attend a live class session by video conference (or watch the recorded session at your convenience).

Take part in a live “office hours” Q&A session. Get answers to your questions on the week’s lesson and how to apply it to your project.

Make progress with your current project by completing a specific set of steps that will take you into the next stage of development.

Get the support of like-minded writers in a community forum, where you can workshop and help each other along the way.

Ready? Our session begins August 25th.

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Here’s how we’ll build your screenplay outline:

Week 1: The 9 foundation elements, logline, and major plot points

You’ll get clear on the essential building blocks of your story, create the first iterations, and start to identify the major turning points.

Week 2: Characters, relationships, and theme

You’ll fill out your cast of characters and the key relationships in the story, looking at each for both form and function. You’ll also learn a few different (and non-threatening) ways to approach theme.

Week 3: Springboards and sequences

You’ll take the big-picture story shape you’ve already established and fill in the gaps using a method that will make sure your script doesn’t lag, drag, or lose focus.

Week 4: Implementation week

Instead of a new lesson, this week is devoted to implementing everything we’ve covered. You’ll also take part in a small-group session to review your progress and stay on the right track.

Week 5: The complete scene list and full outline

You’ll explore several different ways to finish out development before writing the first draft – with examples of each so you know what to aim for on the page.

Week 6 + beyond: Optional support as you complete your outline

After our 5-week workshop, as you focus on finishing your outline, I’ll be available daily to answer questions in our private forum. Participation is totally optional, but support is there if you need it.

Completion Bonus:

A one-on-one consultation is yours when you submit your completed outline by our deadline (8 weeks from when we begin). This offer is meant to provide you with additional motivation and accountability, and to capitalize on the momentum you’ve built in the workshop. I can’t wait to discuss what you’ve accomplished and get you ready to dive into writing your screenplay draft.

Download the course syllabus here.


Why Idea to Outline?

There are other classes and workshops. There are books and videos and blogs. Screenwriting theories and gurus too many to count.

If you’ve seen them all and want to actually apply theory to moving your project forward in a real way, this is for you.

This workshop is different. We’re not beholden to one paradigm or method. We’ll address the unique needs of your story as you learn a practical, real-world process informed by my experience reading thousands of scripts and working with hundreds of writers.

A process you can adapt to your personal preferences and apply to every screenplay you write in the future.

  • Coaches and consultants who guide you privately through the process can cost over $2000.
  • And even my own services would total $1500 to work through this process one-on-one.
  • In this workshop you’ll get the information, expertise, and guidance in a small, supportive group setting, and all for $449.

Sign up now and get ready to write your screenplay.
You’ll receive all the details to help you get the most out of the workshop,
and a Welcome “pre-writing” exercise that will prepare you to hit the ground running.

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Who’s your host for Idea to Outline?

Hi, I’m Naomi. I’m a professional screenplay reader and on-call development partner to screenwriters, producers, and directors at all levels – from those just starting out, to those firmly established and working in the industry today.

Everyday, I show screenwriters how to get unstuck so they can get to FADE OUT and get an edge over the competition, with straightforward feedback and practical advice at key steps of the screenplay development process.

With the projects they’ve brought to me for consultation, my clients have placed in prestigious screenwriting contests, pitched to every major studio, and have optioned feature screenplays and TV pilots to producers.



This is EXACTLY what I was hoping for. You’ve hit it on the head and I can’t wait to dig in together. A million thank you’s! You’re my new favorite reader!”
Anja Wykes, feedback + consultation client

“Objectivity has always been a struggle when I find myself deep within the maze of my own narrative architecture. Naomi’s diligent attention to plot, character and theme always provides me with a way out, saving me precious time, money and frustration. Through her consultation and feedback, always insightful, constructive and positive, I can honestly say she has made me a better screenwriter.”
Paul Vincent Fusco, feedback + consultation client

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