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Idea to Outline is a self-paced online course that gives you a focused but flexible approach to prepare to write your best screenplay yet.

You have a movie-worthy story. You just need an organized method for getting it on the page.


In Idea to Outline you’ll learn a focused but flexible (and repeatable) approach that will turn your spark of story inspiration or intriguing “What if?” into a complete blueprint for your movie.

…And we’ll do all of this before you write the first page.

You’ll have professional insight every step of the way as you take your idea through each stage of development.

When you’re done you’ll have more than an outline — you’ll have a rock-solid foundation for your screenplay.

Idea to Outline’s short, manageable lessons are designed to efficiently move you through the process, to craft an outline that does all the heavy lifting.

You’ll be confident — and excited — to get to the computer and start writing. And you’ll be prepared to quickly complete the strongest first draft you’ve ever written.


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“The workshop content and the laidback style are unintimidating and accessible. But every single handout is now starred in my folders as a go-to resource – they are so good!

AND – Great news! Just talked to my manager about the outline…
SHE LOVED IT! Completely raved about it. ‘Outstanding work. This is solid. Everything is in its place. So much room for comedy and set pieces. Get started!’

I’ll be sure to tell her all about your magical workshop when she asks how I figured out structure!”

— Anja W., Idea to Outline student

In the Idea to Outline course you’ll find…

    • A brand new Fast Track Road Map designed to get you moving on your idea now. Work as quickly as you want through the road map, pausing only when you need specific information to continue your progress! (And you’ll find links to the relevant lessons and resources right there in the road map, so you can stay focused.)
    • Five carefully curated lesson modules to guide you through each step of development – from movie idea to complete screenplay blueprint.
    • 26 short, practical video lessons with specific action steps to help you make progress.
    • An audio feed of lessons so you can listen on-the-go.
    • Lifetime access so you can review the material anytime you’d like.
>> Download a PDF list of the course videos and action steps here. <<


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“The course is clear, easy to follow, and well paced! I’m also using The Screenplay Outline Workbook, but I wanted to help my brain absorb more quickly and this course met and exceeded that expectation.

I most appreciated the step-by-step clarity and DEPTH of this course. Learning about sequences and springboards is a game-changer and I will use it for all my screenplays. Thank you.”

Jimmy P., Idea to Outline student

Here’s how you’ll build your screenplay outline:

Lesson 1: The foundation of your screenplay – In this lesson you’ll get clear on the essential building blocks of your story, creating a sturdy foundation to build your entire screenplay on. You’ll also work out the broad strokes and write the first iteration of your story in the form of a one-sentence logline.

Lesson 2: Main character & meaning – You’ll go in-depth on characters, with a focus on developing the protagonist and creating the supporting characters that provide key relationships and growth. You’ll also explore character arc and theme, and how the two work together to create meaning in your screenplay.

Lesson 3: Structure and story testing – You’ll begin to shape the story and create strong structure by designing the screenplay’s three acts and Major Plot Points. And then you’ll test the story to make sure the foundation is solid and important connections are in place for a fully cohesive screenplay.

Lesson 4: Springboards and sequences – Next you’ll connect the narrative dots and build out the entire story in eight smaller sections – each with a specific purpose – that will make sure your script doesn’t lag, drag, or lose focus.

Lesson 5: The complete scene list and full outline – And finally you’ll go through the last few steps of the development process, taking you from sequences to beats to scene list to full outline – with examples at each stage so you know what to aim for on the page!


Each lesson contains 4-7 videos, supplemental and reference materials, and specific action steps.


“I really loved the course. Your knowledge of the subject, your humour and approach made it sooo engaging. I loved the way the course was organised and your constant willingness to answer questions and explain topics in detail.

I was able to find one idea I could focus on and start developing the outline for it – once I started thinking about the story and characters, the project became a reality.”

Anna F., Idea to Outline student

Here’s what happens next:

When you complete your purchase, Lessons 1 and 2 are available immediately in the course dashboard. The remaining three lessons are unlocked the following week, so that you can watch the videos and complete the action steps at your pace and on your schedule.


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Why Idea to Outline?

There are other classes and workshops. There are books and videos and blogs. Screenwriting theories and gurus too many to count.

If you’ve seen them all and want to actually apply theory to moving your project forward in a real way, this is for you.

In Idea to Outline, we’re not beholden to one paradigm or method. You’ll address the unique needs of your story as you learn a practical, real-world process informed by my experience working with hundreds of writers and reading thousands of scripts.

A process you can adapt to your personal preferences and apply to every screenplay you write in the future.


Who’s your guide for Idea to Outline?

Hi, I’m Naomi. I’m a professional screenplay consultant and screenwriting teacher. Over the course of my career I’ve read thousands of scripts and worked with hundreds of writers.

With the projects they’ve brought to me for consultation, my clients have placed in prestigious screenwriting contests, landed on the annual Black List, pitched to every major studio, optioned feature screenplays and TV pilots to producers, and seen their projects produced!

And along the way I’ve seen many writers struggle with the same questions and get stuck in confusion or overwhelm.

So I distilled the most vital aspects of a strong screenplay – the ones that do most of the heavy lifting – and created a system to address them effectively before you write your screenplay draft.

And now, I’m excited to share it with you in the Idea to Outline course.


“Naomi was able to help guide me to see the bigger picture of structure and character arc, which led to being able to generate new story ideas and plot points instead of rehashing old ideas. We were able to focus and enhance what I had, creating a new 2nd and 3rd Act. And more importantly, finding new meaning in the story.”

Mike E., Idea to Outline student and consulting client

Ready to finally write your screenplay? Before you stare down that blank page, set yourself up for success with a solid process and proven system.

In the Idea to Outline course, I’ll show you how.

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