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Naomi Beaty is a screenwriting teacher and consultant who works with writers, producers, and directors at all levels to develop their film and TV projects.

In her two decades in the entertainment industry, Naomi has read thousands of scripts and worked with hundreds of writers, first on the development team at Madonna and Guy Oseary’s Maverick Films, and now through group workshops and individual consultations.

Along the way, Naomi also worked alongside Blake Snyder analyzing fifty movies for his second book, Save the Cat! Goes to the Movies, went on to teach the Save the Cat weekend intensives in Los Angeles, and has been hired to write (and rewrite) screenplays, both original and adapted from other source material.

Most recently, Naomi created the “Idea to Outline” and “Finish Your Screenplay” workshops, and wrote and published Logline Shortcuts: Unlock your story and pitch your screenplay in one simple sentence, and The Screenplay Outline Workbook: A step-by-step guide to brainstorm ideas, structure your story, and prepare to write your best screenplay.


  • Screenwriting shortcuts: the 10 lessons it took me ten years to learn.
  • What novelists can steal from screenwriters to write stories that hook an audience.
  • The 3 essential, fundamental, don’t-mess-these-up screenwriting rules.
  • Movie discussions and lessons for screenwriters from your favorites movies.
  • Loglines! What they are, the 3 most common mistakes, and a simple method for writing a great one.
  • The key to understanding story structure (it’s not what goes where, but why).





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