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Getting Started with Screenwriting?

There’s a lot of information available to aspiring screenwriters. And while that’s great, it can also be overwhelming. If you’re just beginning your journey and looking to orient yourself, get familiar with the basics, and build a solid foundation to learn the craft, this page is for you.

Choose any of the resources below and dive in.

What to Know Before You Write Your Screenplay

Get familiar with these basic elements now, then come back to them when you have a story idea you want to work on.

The Four Phases of Drafting a Screenplay

A quick overview of the process of writing a screenplay to give you a lay of the land before you begin.

Three Fun Ways to Get Better Screenplay Ideas

Looking for your first (or next) great screenplay idea? Get help with these three easy games.

You're One Question Away From a Better Screenplay

Here’s one simple question that can help clarify what your story is about, every step of the way.

A Field Guide to Plot Points

What are plot points, exactly? Here’s the only explanation you’ll ever need, plus an overview of story structure.

How to Start Writing Your Screenplay

If you want to write a screenplay but don’t know where to start, here’s a stress-free way to get going.

10 Best Screenwriting Books

Not all screenwriting books are created equal. Here are my top recommends, sorted by different stages of the journey.



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