About Write+Co.

Hi, I’m Naomi. I’m a screenwriting teacher and screenplay consultant – essentially an on-call development partner to screenwriters, producers, and directors at all levels. From those just starting out, to those firmly established and working in the industry today.

Whether you’re looking for the confidence to start writing your first screenplay, or you’re putting final polishes on your tenth draft, I can help.

Every day, I show screenwriters how to get unstuck so they can get to FADE OUT and get an edge over the competition, with straightforward feedback and practical advice at key steps of the screenplay development process.

I’ve lived and worked in L.A. for over a decade, read thousands of scripts and worked with hundreds of writers through one-on-one consulting, creating the Idea to Outline workshop, and teaching story structure for Save the Cat. I’ve worked with producers internationally and consulted on the 2016 Raindance Film Festival “Indie Film of the Year” winner, Selling Isobel.

As a former development exec-in-training at Madonna and Guy Oseary’s Maverick Films, I worked on projects like Twilight, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, and The Stanford Prison Experiment.

What Can I Do For You?

Have you noticed it’s nearly impossible to judge your own writing? That’s where I come in – by bringing a craft-oriented, industry-savvy fresh perspective on your screenplay.

I spend my days deep-diving into my clients’ screenplays, helping them figure out what’s working and what still needs work.

Like a mechanic with an engine, I get a feel for how it’s running, and then examine each part individually, making the whole thing a smoother, more powerful machine in the process.

I don’t do the work for you – I empower you to do it, and to build skills you’ll use in your future screenwriting projects.

With the projects they’ve brought to me for consultation, my clients have:

  • made the annual Black List (2018),
  • placed in prestigious screenwriting contests and fellowships,
  • pitched to every major studio,
  • and have optioned and sold feature screenplays and TV pilots to producers.

If you’d like help with your screenplay, it’s just a click away.

Next Steps & Resources For You

Ready to make the industry go crazy for your concepts, readers swoon over your screenplays, and audiences fall in love with your stories on the screen?

Take your screenplay project from Idea to Outline with professional guidance in the self-paced online workshop.

Join the Screenplay Lab, a supportive community of screenwriters in our free Facebook group.

Get my help with your current project, wherever you are in the process.

What clients say working with me is like:

“I am so grateful I hired Naomi to review my screenplay. Her notes are constructive, clear and encouraging. She honed in on plot, character and theme. She found a big flaw in my script and presented a tactical approach on how to solve the problem. And she also delivered her feedback in prompt fashion. Yes, Naomi knows the science of story, and I would recommend her to any storyteller who wants to take their material to a higher level.
Anthony Stitt, Nicholl Fellowship Semifinalist, Scriptapalooza Top-10 Finalist, Philadelphia Film Festival Grand Prize Winner

“Having written over 20 projects in my career, I have hired multiple consultants to improve my craft and polish projects. I return to Naomi for her straightforward, in-depth, dedicated, and balanced approach.”
Richard Michael Lucas, Nicholl Top 15%, Austin Film Festival 2nd rounder

“It’s always a gamble when you begin working with a consultant. The trick is to find one who can objectively deconstruct what you think you’ve written, and then show you what you’ve actually written… Objectivity has always been a struggle when I find myself deep within the maze of my own narrative architecture. Naomi’s diligent attention to plot, character and theme always provides me with a way out, saving me precious time, money and frustration. I can honestly say she has made me a better screenwriter.”
Paul Vincent Fusco

“I’ve had the distinct opportunities to work with Naomi both as an evaluator, where she assessed one of my stories, and as a co-author for a film project. In each instance, she either taught me something new or a revolutionary way of looking at a story beat to strengthen the entire narrative structure. Her story-analysis skills are on target — and any writer, whether fresh-faced to the battle or a down-in-the-trenches veteran, has something crucial to learn from Naomi’s sagacity.”
– Don V. Roff

I love your notes. You really are the best at this!!!!!!”
Mike Pietrzak






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